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Forum Rules and Policies

Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the Terms and Conditions of Membership detailed below. If you agree to the Terms and Conditions, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, then please close your browser.

The Terms and Conditions must be adhered to throughout the duration of your membership. If these Terms and Conditions are not adhered to in full then the matter will be dealt with under the corrective action policy found within this document.

Terms and Conditions for Membership.

This forum is privately owned and managed. Membership of the forum is not an automatic right of any user and is only granted on the condition that users accept these Terms and Conditions. If these rules are not acceptable to you then please do not use the forum. Any use of the forum is taken as your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions and all the rules herein may be subject to change and it is the responsibility of all users to familiarise themselves of all updates and amendments made, notification via email will be sent if these Terms and Conditions are amended.

General Rules

  • No flaming or baiting other members. Attacks on other members will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. We will not tolerate discrimination of our members for any reason including race, sexual orientation, age, gender or religion.
  • No sexual references, pornography or unsuitable graphic imagery including links to such materials.
  • No racist, cultural or religious defamation.
  • Do not post links to any illegal sites, in particular software piracy or 'Warez' sites including bulletin boards. This also means no such links should be added to your signature. We do not condone piracy.
  • These forums do not condone speeding or any other illegal activity covered under the state road rules. If you are found to be boasting about or condoning an illegal activity, the content will be removed by a moderator and the matter will be passed on to the administration to be dealt with under the corrective action policy and may be passed onto the appropriate authorities.
  • Insulting of any other member will not be tolerated.

Multiple accounts

No member will be permitted to hold multiple accounts on this forum. Should it be discovered that a member is using multiple identities the matter will be passed onto administration to be dealt with under the corrective action policy.

Administration decisions, including moderation, of these forums

Querying decisions is permitted, however only appropriate remarks will be acceptable. No ridiculing or baiting of the moderators or administrators will be tolerated. If you have an issue with a moderator we suggest you raise the matter directly with the moderator in question. If this is proven unsuccessful then please follow the grievance guidelines found within this document.

All administrators and moderators have the right to edit posts that do not comply with these Terms and Conditions as they deem appropriate. Every effort will be made to contact the member who made the inappropriate post, however this cannot be guaranteed in every instance.

All members' posts (Including Moderators and Administrators) are to abide by these Terms and Conditions.


If a member has a grievance with another member it is suggested that you attempt to resolve the issue among yourselves amicably, if this is not possible then please refer the matter directly to the admin.

If a member has a grievance with a moderator then please also attempt to resolve the issue among yourselves, if this is not possible then please forward the issue admin.

Post counts

Posts are counted and a record is kept that is displayed next to the relevant member's name. These numbers are a good record as to the level of contribution of a member. It is not considered appropriate to fill the forum with unnecessary posts in order to boost your post count. If this is found to be happening the matter will be referred to administration and dealt with appropriately.

Post deletions

Any post which contravenes these rules in any way may be deleted without notice. Do not attempt to make the post again. When a post or thread is deleted the post or thread originator will be sent a private message advising them of the action taken and why. If you are in any doubt please PM the admin team. If you are having concerns regarding your treatment on this forum, report it as per the grievance section found in this document.


Any member that is generating spam (i.e. nuisance posts that are not relevant to the topic at hand) will initially have their posts removed. This will be followed up by a correspondence by the appropriate moderator. The matter will then be passed on to an Administrator to be dealt with under the corrective action policy.

Private Messages

Private messages are for the use of members to contact another member without displaying your message within the public content of the forum.

The private message section is not to be used for any illegal activity described within these Terms and Conditions. It is wholly and solely to be used to convey private messages of a general nature and must also not contain any abusive comments that could be considered harassment.

It must be known that administrators are able to see private messages. They will never be viewed by the administration except for the purpose of a routine spot audit or investigation of a complaint received. This will ensure the Terms and Conditions are adhered to.

Illegal Activity

Under no circumstances is any member to partake in or contribute in any way to illegal activity. This includes the use of the private messages system and the open forum. If it is found that any member is partaking in illegal activity within the confines of the forum the matter will be passed onto administration for investigation and implementation of the corrective action policy. The Admin team also reserves the right to pass on the information to the appropriate authorities if it deems necessary.


The only language in use on this forum is English. All correspondence from the Moderators and Administrators of this site will be in English. It is the responsibility of the member to request a translation if required.

Any post you make must be in English but you may accompany it with a translation to another language for certain purposes.

Abbreviations should not be used unless they are a standard abbreviation understood by most. If a post contains abbreviations or word shortenings you may be asked to modify it by a moderator.

The use of profanity and obscene language will not be tolerated within the public forum or private message system. Use of this language will cause your post to be edited or removed by a moderator. This type of action will also be passed on to administration to be dealt with under the corrective action policy. The use of profanaties will be substutuded automatically for an automotive term which may make your post confusing.

Use of Specific forums

General Area

The General Area is to be for general conversation about Morris' as well as general introduction of new members and long term projects.

The Workshop

The Workshop Area is designed for technical information specific to each section. We ask that members use these areas appropriately and keep all posts in their relevant sections. Any topic that is started within an inappropriate area may be relocated.

The Market Place

This section is designed to be used as a general trade area. This will allow members to post content they wish to sell. Members can browse these forums to purchase items. The administrators of this forum do allow and promote commercial members to post within this section. The admin team do not endorse or guarantee any product sold in this section. This area will also include “How To” posts where members may post topics about various big jobs they have completed (ie Engine Conversions)

Posting using another member's account

Members may not use another member's account to post on this forum. The right to participate in discussions on the forums is granted to the original holder of the account and is not transferable. In the event that you believe somebody has posted using your account please contact The Admin Team and this will be investigated.

Personal Information

The personal information gathered in the initial sign up process is used for administration purposes only. No personal information of any member will be passed on to any third parties including email addresses and contact details. It is expressly forbidden to use this forum to gather such information and any such action shall constitute a breach of the site Terms and Conditions. If it is discovered that this has taken place it will be dealt with under the corrective action policy and the relevant authorities may be notified.

It is forbidden to use these forums to poach members for forums that reside off this site. This includes the use of private messages for such a purpose. If you are in doubt please contact a member of the administration team in the first instance.

Buying and Selling items on this forum

Any member may advertise any item related to Morris' as long as they are the legal owner and keep the post within the “Market Place Forums”. Members should not post any personal information in the public forum but are encouraged to use Private Messages for this purpose.

Sellers are requested to advise the moderators when an item has been sold so the topic can be removed.



It is the responsibility of every member to ensure they adhere to these Terms and Conditions. It is also the responsibility of the member that information posted on this forum is accurate to the best of their knowledge.


It is the responsibility of the Moderators of this forum that the content shown in this forum, presents in a manner conforming to these Terms and Conditions. If it is found that a post or topic does not conform, it will either be edited or removed and passed onto an administrator if it is warranted.


The overall maintenance, management and operation of the forum is the responsibility of the administrators, also to ensure compliance to these Terms and Conditions, manage any grievances and to also introduce new members.

Selection of Moderators

The moderators for each section will be periodically rotated to ensure a fair and consistent approach to the management of the forum. After the initial selection, members will be nominated for moderator and then it will be an open vote to allow other members to have a say to the choice of moderators. This process will be undertaken by the Admin Team.

Copyright Material

The use and publication of copyrighted material is strictly forbidden on this forum. This includes extracts out of published workshop manuals as well as some photos found on the internet.

Corrective Action Policy

We operate a notification system on this forum that is used to notify members should they not comply with the Terms and Conditions. We know that most members would not do this intentionally but sadly there will always be those who choose to ignore the rules.

The system uses a points system and the more points a member gets the more chance they stand of having their account temporarily suspended or in extreme cases permanently banned.


Information Notice.

This is issued for information only and is used to advise the member that they have breached a rule and that no further action will be taken at this time. A record is kept of the information notice and should this action be repeated a warning notice may be issued.

Warning Notice.

This is used when a member repeatedly breaches the forum Terms and Conditions. Under normal circumstances a warning notice will be issued after an information notice, however in certain circumstances the administrators reserve the right to administer a warning notice in the first instance. These warnings are scored from 1 to 5 with 5 being the most severe. These points are accumulated with each warning notice issued.

Each warning notice has an expiry date. Only after this date has passed will the points be removed from your record.

Suspension Notice

This is issued when a member has received a total of 5 points against their name. The length of suspension will be determined by the administrators depending on the severity of the incident. If a member is suspended more than once within the expiry period they may face permanent banning of their username. The administrators do reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban a member on the first occurrence depending on the severity of the incident. This will also include the IP address of the user.

If any notice is to be issued, the recipient will receive this via private message and/or email. The moderators will also be informed of the issue of a notice.

The administrators would like to thank you for your interest in our the forum and I hope it is a fun and informative adventure.

By accessing “OzMorris.com” (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”, “OzMorris.com”, “http://ozmorris.com/forum”), you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of the following terms then please do not access and/or use “OzMorris.com”. We may change these at any time and we’ll do our utmost in informing you, though it would be prudent to review this regularly yourself as your continued usage of “OzMorris.com” after changes mean you agree to be legally bound by these terms as they are updated and/or amended.

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